Monday, 18 July 2011

SnG play. (and rage, and abuse)

So its been a busy few days and I've been managing to complete around 30 tourneys per day averaging 4 tables at a time, and I've collected some of the interesting data from my experiences.
ITM % 33, this sounds good but in some of the 6 handed tourneys i have been playing on the top 50% get paid so that's why this number sounds high
Total earnings $150.50 this doesn't seem like much but im pretty happy with it after only playing 5$ buy ins.

There have been plenty of bad beats as expected but as a whole i find the playing field to be reasonably weak with top sufficing a push from many of the players after about the 3rd level. I still find it amusing that many of the player base feel like it is there duty to explode with rage if you make the incorrect call but manage to suck out, if you take a look at something like this weeks Sunday Million on Pokerstars, with about 18 players remaining, The button gets it in with ATs and runs in to aces, He then proceeded to flop the nuts on a KQJ board without as much as a whine from the unlucky player at the other side of the table. All in all I've found the temperament of many online players to be disgusting and i feel that the larger poker sites need to better manage the welfare and conduct of some players.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Starting Out

So here's the thing, after being an avid fan of both live and online poker i thought it was about time i got serious about my own game and i thought, welcome to any tips, advice and suggestions.
I thought that starting out on the 3/6c NLH and 5-10$ buy-in tourneys would be the best, anyone else thinking otherwise?